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If you’ve ever dreamed of taking control of your bus, then check.

The bus driver is an amazing simulator, where your task is to transport passengers near the urban environment. Your message is related to graphical capabilities, based on the rules of the roadmovement, and make sure that you are not worried or hurt by passengers. The bus driver must be on the verb. However, there is no such game as though there are five levels of potential and get a bonus according to the traffic rules associated with your schedules.e.

In large urban areas and districts there are five buses, 30 routes and various weather conditions that are postponed at different times of the day. There are buses of various types traveling with a bus driver, such as a school bus, tourist bus, touristbus and even bus transport. The driver status in the tire driver becomes more respectable for the AI ​​system, which “teaches” your driving habits.

VectorGraphics is a bit blocked and based on games that can be very tedious when, but for those who are fansfans, or in order to launch the bus driver is so happy.

Bus Driver

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